I am 10/10 happy with Annemieke as my aankoopmakelaar. The last thing I need is to have an aankoopmakelaar who always encourages to buy. Instead, I need someone to point out the downsides and the risks I am not able to see. Annemieke did it very well and advised from multiple perspectives even beyond the property itself, such as neighborhood, convenience of traffic, even where we can expect the sunshine in the property from different times, and etc. I am also very surprised how much detail Annemieke looked into. From pipes deployed in the property to the paint condition on the window. Except people who works in this industry, don’t think usual individual buyers would notice these details and understand the impact, especially not via a house viewing with limited time. To share one example out of many: the ventilation system was actually a bit noisy in one property, but it’s hardly noticeable during the visit in day time. It was a spot-on that she pointed out that such noise would become hearable in the quiet night as a nuisance, and a repair cost is actually hiding there. Annemieke is like a friend with professional knowledge. She is kind and with great attitude& wiliness to support. The communication with her is always efficient and pleasant. It’s great for me to have Annemieke’s professional help during the whole journey and avoid detour/traps. Highly recommended!