De aankoopspecialist voor Rotterdam e.o.

“Without Annemieke Aankoopmakelaar I would not have been able to find my dream appartment in the center of Rotterdam, for sure! Being a foreigner and not familiar with the NL house market, I was heavily relying on her expertise. She perfectly guided me through the entire process, from finding the perfectly fitting appartments, helping me with inspecting, negotiating in a crazy market, assisting with all the legal documents and procedures, finding a notaris, to finally getting the keys. Contact with her was super easy, reliable, and extremly fast via email, whatsapp, phone, even during her vacation! I definitely recommend her services!”

Matthias (aangekocht in hartje centrum Rotterdam)

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Succesvol aangekocht

Succesvol aangekocht

In een voormalige koffiepellerij, heb ik dit leuke appartement mogen aankopen. Klik hier voor een overzicht van alle aankopen

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